Madden NFL Mobile: Saying Farewell and Some Lasting Lessons

I’m finally irrevocably bored with the game. Maybe I’ll tune in next season, but in the meantime…


Last time I talked about the game, I was unsure whether I could make more improvements to a team that was already loaded as heck. As it turns out, I did make some moves, and you can see the lineup here.

If you’ve been following my progress, you’ll notice the pictures you can see without clicking on any links seem to indicate an inferior team than even the one from my last post. Where’s Bruce Smith? Where are all the Positional Heroes?

Well, I got so bored, I destroyed that team and actually built a Falcons team and then the one you see now. That was fun for a little bit, especially combining Anthony Davis with Bruce Miller to create a formidable blocking duo for Faulk.

And the deep ball was never more fun to throw, as Megatron and Vincent Jackson went up and got it almost every single time.

But the game has gotten boring once again so I’m deleting it from my tablet. Maybe I’ll revisit next season. Maybe not (okay, I definitely will). Meanwhile, I have some final lessons I’ve learned through the process of suddenly playing with “weaker” teams after my peak team.

The Middle Linebacker

Both in real life and in the game, the MLB is one of the most important players on the field. Playing with shitty guys (who shall remain unnamed) was so awful, I ended up rebuying 99 Jack Lambert who has excellent play recognition.

A truly great middle linebacker will be a master controller, wreaking havoc against halfbacks and cleaning up any leaks on outside runs. While Lambert is slow and his coverage stats are poor, that play recognition is insanely important.

In the words of many players, “He always seems to be at the right place at the right time.”

His AH value is low right now too after the release of 99 MM Jack Lambert, so be sure to pick him up if you’ve got the coins to spare – he’ll absolutely be worth it.

Numbers CAN Lie

Speaking of stats, let’s talk about 99 Lawrence Taylor (standard, not MM). This is another player whose skills transcend what his stats imply, and the problem is that we don’t get to see all the stats in-game. You would have to go to a website like Muthead (linked above for my peak lineup), which shows complete stats.

And Lawrence Taylor is another beast. Blitzing is a finicky creature on the mobile game, and honestly it never seems to have the impact it should. But Taylor is a beast who slices through and around the offensive line at will and makes tackles very consistently. He is also inexplicably good at covering wide receivers and has gotten me a nice number of interceptions.

But deceptive stats are probably the most frustrating at the wide receiver positions. As it turns out, height is a huge factor (which I was skeptical of before), and a guy like Vincent Jackson is actually better than higher rated players for deep lobs. CIT (catch in traffic) is also very important, since most passes will be, well, in relatively tight coverage.

That means a guy like Andre Johnson is really good, especially for the slot position.

So remember: height and CIT are just as important as the regular catch rating, the jump rating, and things like speed and awareness.

Primary Secondary

It turns out your secondary might be more important than you ever realized. If you have a solid MLB and everybody else is decent, your front is pretty much fine. It’s your final line of defense – your cornerbacks and safeties – that have a bigger impact.

If you think about it, it makes a lot of sense. After all, how many times do you give up long rushing touchdowns? With passing, all bets are off, and that’s why you need good cornerbacks and especially good safeties.

So yep, you guessed it: PH Harrison Smith and MM Ronnie Lott are two of the best bangs you can get for your buck, which is why I bought them again as well. Smith is an interception machine sent from the future to terrify today’s quarterbacks. Lott doesn’t get as many, although he’s a ferocious hitter and an excellent pursuit monster.

My cornerbacks aren’t the best, obviously, but I always wanted to try out Deangelo Hall (remember, I’m a Falcons fan). He gives up way more passes than his stats would imply – disappointing. I think picking good cornerbacks is both harder and easier than you think. Sometimes you just go with the “best” players like PH Vontae Davis and even PH Patrick Peterson.

But then you’ll see them give up yards on gimmick plays and question your choices. Just remember: even the best players make mistakes sometimes. You know, like MJ disappearing for three years of his prime to suck dick at baseball. That kind of thing.

Defensive Ends and Defensive Tackles: Meh

As I said above, your frontline is good if they’re consistent. I cannot emphasize this enough. I ended up with Honors JJ Watt and TOTY Mario Williams. They performed at a higher level than MM Bruce Smith and PH JPP. I can’t explain why – it just happened. Ditto for my defensive tackles… even the gold player, who always held on and made a number of big plays in the opponent’s backfield.

I suppose it’s important to point out once again that I don’t play H2H. But still, the discrepancy in performance between my peak lineup and my final lineup was negligible at best. So save your coins and focus on what’s important!

That’s That

So yeah, people. I’m done with the game. And yes, if I think of something else, I’ll update this post. Have fun playing and remember this absolute truth: GET JACK LAMBERT NOW!

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