Madden NFL Mobile: The Final Roster Update?

With a roster like this, I’m not sure I have the resources to get the players even better than the ones I already have.


So here we are. It’s been a month since the last update and how things have changed. In early March, I was bemoaning the lack of opportunities to improve my already decent roster without using real money. It’s the middle of April now and I’m almost on the verge of having 99 problems like my friend, Jay-Z.

I’ve already done the job of replacing 99 Aaron Rodgers because his deep ball was oddly flat, often resulting in unnecessary interceptions or incompletions. So far, 99 Tom Brady has been doing well, and Rodgers’ physical superiority over Brady has been largely irrelevant thanks to the game’s continued lack of a scrambling option for quarterbacks (which is also why 99 Michael Vick ain’t so hot anymore).

My offensive line is trash. But the best linemen are super expensive. Damn!

This is going to be a pretty short post, unless I decide to update it later. I’ve already talked about a lot of problems with the game in my previous two pieces about Madden NFL Mobile. It’s just a shame everything is going to be erased sometime during the summer when the game inevitably resets itself for the upcoming new season.

My general blasé attitude is precisely because of that fact: Madden NFL Mobile is not forever. It will, at some point, reset and everybody will have to start over again. Is that the best idea? Maybe not. Does it make sense? Only on a superficial level.

Honestly, the only positive is that it keeps the game interesting. If EA allowed people to keep their players year after year, not only would there be too many super teams, but the ceiling on a team would become very reachable.

The best we can hope for is improvements – improvements that may never come because EA is EA. But we can hope. Because hope is a good thing.

I hope special teams actually matters in the next game.

I hope special teams actually matters in the next game.

For viable upgrades to my team, I can see myself getting another 99 CB and maybe a better 99 QB – the Positional Heroes, as they’re called. I already have, what, seven Positional Heroes? What’s two more?

This is sort of irrelevant, but I’ve been thinking about the insanity that would occur if a team quietly went into the offseason and free agency, didn’t make much news, then started the preseason with an absolutely ridiculous team.

I mean, can you imagine if the Atlanta Falcons actually had a team like this? People’s minds would be blown! They might not even have to filter artificial crowd noise throughout the stadium!

It’s just funny, I guess.

Here’s a June 2015 update.

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