Madden NFL Mobile: My Updated Roster (and More Suggestions for EA)

My team is looking fly as hell – and I still haven’t spent a single cent of real money!


It’s been a month since I first shared my roster and overall thoughts on Madden NFL Mobile. Since then, I’ve made some significant improvements to my team, and the game itself has gotten better too. However, I neglected to mention some of the game’s problems (and I listed a lot to begin with, so whatever), so I’ll discuss those here.

For whatever reason, there were a couple of days where a bunch of really good players were super cheap in the Auction House. That’s when I got all those Honors players, as well as 99 Kam Chancellor. As far as I can tell, every one of those players has gone up significantly in value, compared to what I paid for them.

I feel pretty good about that and all, but I’ve run right into another problem: with a 98 overall team, there are only so many improvements to be made before I’ve basically got the best team possible. However, many of those players cost millions of coins, which means it would take an ungodly amount of time to accumulate the necessary coinage. Or, I would have to spend an inordinate amount of time “sniping” for 99 overall players going for ridiculously low prices in the Auction House.

Therefore, I can honestly say I haven’t been playing too much lately. It’s just not worth the time and hassle to try and get better players, although they are certainly out there, especially in positions like cornerback and defensive end.

I think I’m set with Jordan Cameron as my tight end. 97 catch? Come on, cuh!

Even though EA has been surprisingly active in updating the game’s offerings (new challenges, new players, so on and so forth), I just don’t have the incentive to try and make my team better any time soon. Besides, I also don’t plan on spending real money on this game, which is one of the biggest obstacles. I can understand why EA charges, however, since this is actually a free mobile app, which surprises a lot of people.

They need to pay their game developers somehow, right?

Those game developers are presumably hard at work, trying to make the game as good as it can be. But I have a few more suggestions I didn’t mention in my first reflection of the game (which is linked above, of course).

Player Ratings

If you’ve ever played Madden on a console, or know anything about sports games, you’ll know that a player’s ratings are completely fleshed out, even if a particular set of ratings have no relation to the position that player plays.

That’s why you see tackling ratings for quarterbacks and throwing power and throwing accuracy for pretty much everybody – it’s an in-depth review of the player’s perceived ability.

Well, in Madden NFL Mobile, you get just a glimpse of a player’s ability. In fact, you don’t even get a player’s height and weight, which is important whether you’re looking at safeties or tackles.

There have been multiple times where one of my cornerbacks – usually Sherman – will attempt a big hit on someone, only for a little popup indicating that Sherman’s weight was too light for the tackle to be successful. What the hell!?

How can I possibly know that if I can’t see what anybody weighs?

I also have a sneaking suspicion height is a factor in the game, even though we can’t tell how tall or short any given player is (not just in terms of ratings, but because all the players pretty much look the same, on a positional basis). That’s a big deal when you have a bunch of good cornerbacks, and you’re trying to figure out some way to rank them.

You can see the throwing ratings for kickers and punters, even though the playbook currently holds no trick plays that apply for such a scenario.

You can see the throwing ratings for kickers and punters, even though the playbook currently holds no trick plays that apply for such a scenario.

Even stats that should be obvious in their importance don’t show up for some positions. Do you think it’s right that you can’t see the jump rating for safeties? You also can’t see the blocking ratings for wide receivers and halfbacks. Last example: catch ratings for all defensive players.

Give us comprehensive ratings, EA. Please.

Quarterback Incompetence

Aaron Rodgers drops back, scanning the hectic and chaotic action on the field. The offensive line pushes the defense back, as Dez Bryant goes long and Isaac Bruce cuts across the field. Rodgers fires a pass to Bruce… only for the ball to violently bounce off the back of center Travis Frederick’s helmet.

Why does that happen? Why is it possible for a quarterback to throw a pass, only for it to hit his offensive line?

Even if you concede the possibility of that occurring in real life, the truth is that the improbableness outweighs the distant probability of possibility, especially in relation to the absurdly high frequency it occurs in the mobile game.

That was confusing as hell, haha.

Anyway, fix that crap, EA.

Black Hole Tackles

I’ve heard this is a problem the console versions are having as well, where players will get sucked into tackle animations.

On the mobile version, it’s only a real issue when your quarterback is experiencing pressure in the pocket. You won’t believe how many times I’ve desperately pressed the icon above a wide receiver, only for Aaron Rodgers to get knocked the fuck down by a defensive end who wasn’t even close to my precious QB yet.

It’s like the game preordains some parts of the game, so you can’t escape them no matter how hard you try.

And speaking of wide receivers, the game has some sensitivity issues where the quarterback will throw the ball later than you expected, resulting in an incompletion, or an interception at worst. It doesn’t happen too often, but it’s enough of an issue that you do keep on your toes during important possessions.

Auction House Delays

I don’t know if it’s connection issues, or if EA is trolling people that have an admittedly grating tendency to snipe for absurdly lopsided deals, but something has to be done about players showing up in the Auction House even though they’ve already been sold.

Argue about the ethical dubiousness of sniping all you want, but in the end, the real story here is the incompetence of EA in quickly and efficiently removing sold players from the Auction House.

Look at this bull. How does keeping those results around help anybody?

Look at this bull. How does keeping those results around help anybody?

At the end of the day, when you search for a specific criteria and get a copious amount of useless results, it just mucks up the playing process – it hurts those who snipe and those who don’t as well.

There are other annoying delays as well. All too often, you’ll search for players or collectibles, and nothing will come up. Then you’ll tap the refresh button a few times, only to find a bunch of auction results from a few minutes ago.

That is so annoying. I get there are technical logistics to work out here, but the Auction House is live. Those types of delays are unacceptable, and again, just slows the game down for all players. Plus, some players actually benefit from those delays, when their Auction House works while others are left behind in the dust.

In any case, those are my complaints for now.

Again, I want to reiterate: Madden NFL Mobile is fun. But I guess the bad just stands out even more because the game is generally pretty good.

Click here to see my team one month after this post.

One thought on “Madden NFL Mobile: My Updated Roster (and More Suggestions for EA)

  1. Sold players only appear if someone purchased the player using buy it now. That’s because the auction listing is for a fixed period of time, whether or not buy it now was used. When the original auction listing time expires, the player will disappear from the auction house.

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