Fantasy Basketball: Random November Update

This is what happens when you don’t pay attention to your fantasy basketball team.

When I started playing fantasy basketball in an ESPN league with eight strangers and one friend, I figured it would be fun. In a way, it has been fun, but the experience so far is underwhelming. Something tells me it would be much better if the league was composed entirely of people I know, instead of just one friend.

Also, I’ve been busy with schoolwork, being a newspaper’s editor-in-chief (not trying to brag or anything hehe), and I’ve drowned myself in a recent avalanche of movies, both in theaters and on DVD. Therefore, my fantasy basketball team was neglected, and I can say with complete honesty that I’ve tinkered with my lineup just a handful of times since the season started way back when.

Most of my motivation for even continuing to care is because of my one friend, James, who I’ve written about in my previous fantasy basketball posts (not sure if I referenced him by name in the previous posts, but whatever). He’s a fantasy addict with maybe five or six fantasy football teams AND basketball teams revolving like a chicken impaled in a rotisserie.

So you can imagine my heinous amusement when I’m looking at our league’s standings and I’m one spot above him, even though I’ve played significantly less games than him. And – I know this might be a little contradictory – I am finding myself slowly becoming more and more interested in how my team does, even outside of my friendly little competition with James.

Hopefully I’ll do a better job keeping you guys up to date with these fantasy basketball posts… not that anybody reads them. Well, without further ado, let’s take a look at my lineup and figure some shit out.

  • Anthony Davis is a killer; it looks like he made that vaunted leap everybody was speculating about. Also, people kept saying how he was going to eventually usurp LeBron and Durant as a perennial MVP contender and this is the first season of that subtle power shift, especially with LeBron adjusting to his new team and Durant, you know, having a broken foot.
  • I have a lot of power forwards and centers, which I’m fine with. It’s just a shame Thaddeus Young is out, although we should all offer our condolences for his mother’s death last week. Now I’m stuck at the SF position.
  • And speaking of being out, what the shit Jose Calderon!? I trade for you and this is how you treat me? I am literally shaking my head.
  • Trey Burke apparently doesn’t know how to shoot, which is why he’s on the bench. Although… I hear he poured it in last night (or recently).
  • I was skeptical whether Kevin Martin would be worth keeping; he’s putting work in. Nice.
  • I traded Tyreke Evans for Joe Johnson. Suck it James!!!!!!!! Joe might have a contract that overshadows the value he provides to the Brooklyn Nets, but I think he’s underappreciated and maybe even underrated. Hey, haters gonna hate.

There you have it. That’s my team’s 2015 season as of the middle of November. Although I’m in eighth… out of ten slots, I take great pride in being ahead of James. I know for a fact that he bitches about it when he’s talking with some of our mutual friends.

Poor guy; keep him in your prayers. At this rate, he’s gonna get an aneurism or something.

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