Fantasy Basketball: Initial Trade Activity

The D League Caddyshaqs look a little different now. For the better?

One of the teams in the league I’m in offered me DJ Augustin and Reggie Jackson for Thaddeus Young. I was like, “Heck no!”

Darn tootin'!

Darn tootin’!

Thaddeus Young is on the Timberwolves now, which means he’s essentially going to be their number one scoring option. While that may be a dubious sign for the Timberwolves’ playoff prospects (not that they’re actively going to try this upcoming season), it means his numbers should go up across the board – for the most part.

Meanwhile, DJ Augustin left the Bulls after exceeding all expectations (as point guards frequently do in Chicago lately) and I’m not convinced he will put up good fantasy numbers in Detroit.

As for Reggie Jackson, he improved his numbers last season from the season before, but I’d rather have Thaddeus Young.

Please tell me I didn’t make a noob move…

After I politely declined that trade, I made a counteroffer; I offered Andrew Bogut in exchange for Marcin Gortat. Needless to say, it was rejected. Then, I offered Randy Foye for Jose Calderon.

That trade was accepted.

It’s a risky move for me, I think, because Foye is probably more likely to put up numbers than Calderon. Having said that, I think Calderon has potential to average ten points and maybe ten assists a game, so that’s cool.

Really, I’ve always been a huge fan of Jose Calderon (inexplicable, I know), so I wanted him on my team.

I find myself acting more like a GM than somebody playing fantasy basketball. There are similarities, of course, but differences between the two.

We’ll see if it becomes more of a problem later.

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